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if my pitched-down, chopped-up remix of the wii shop channel theme gets stuck in ur head as much as the original gets stuck in mine, then i’ve accomplished my goal. if not then fuck u

This is the character select theme for the chillest arcade cabinet racing game where every level takes place at 2am in the most inexplicably neon-lit city. Any time you crash into another object it just makes a satisfying “ding!” sfx that layers on top of the music.

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omegafrisk: but i refused!!!!!((i managed to get some actual…


but i refused!!!!!

((i managed to get some actual art done the other day so have some frisk being POWERFUL))

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Mel i’m sorry but you really need to chill. Different anon but still. Im sorry you want to kill yourself over fictional characters, but that’s just it. They are fictional. I’d understand if it was a real person or yourself being misgendered, but it’s not and you’re constantly being negative and rude and honestly I really think you need to step back and take a look at what you’re doing.

((why? why’s it always a problem with me? why’s it always a problem with the trans person bristling with the injustice of having their identity sidelined again and again and AGAIN rather than the people who just don’t give enough of a shit about the struggles of trans people to call a character the correct fucking pronouns?

what will it take to get it through all your thick heads? it IS me. every damn day of my stupid life. it defines everything i’m doing right now, the thick jacket i bundle myself up in despite how hot it gets because i hate my body, the shitty little pronoun pendant that nobody ever notices that i feel naked without, the binder i wore for eleven hours today because fucking up my ribs is better than the screaming dysphoria i’d get otherwise, the visceral roiling in my guts whenever someone cheerfully calls me a polite term that is oh so very gendered, the months and months and months i had to spend fighting my hrt clinic to convince them i was trans enough for hormones because they have rows of little boxes to tick and i don’t fit any of them, the anxiety over what the hell i’m going to put on my passport when countries literally will not let me into their borders if i put an X in place of M or F, the fear of what bathroom i’m going to use when i’m misgendering myself either way and god knows what will happen when i might not look right to the people in either one. the rest of my life is going to be defined by outing myself to every tom dick and harry or dealing with the skull-rending dysphoria i’m going to get struck with otherwise!

this is not just fiction! this is my reality! my every day is defined by these same arguments people use to discredit the very characters that showed me identifying as nonbinary is even an option! oh but my pronouns are too inconvenient! oh but i look like a girl! oh but can’t i just call you whatever i want! oh but they isn’t a real pronoun! oh but oh but oh but i do not fucking matter to the vast majority of the world.

i don’t come home at the end of a nice day to a person who makes me feel a bit down because they don’t agree with my headcanons. i come home at the end of a day of my skin crawling because every person who lays eyes on me sees a young woman and i know it to someone reinforcing what the real world tells me again and again and again: that is how it will always be, and i can’t escape even in my cutesy little fantasy video game about friendship and love.

and if all of you would shut the fuck up and try to care about people like me for once in your lives i might catch a glimmer of the euphoria i used to feel about my gender again.))

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mathes0n: There’s one thing that fucks me up about people insisting that Frisk isn’t nonbinary…


There’s one thing that fucks me up about people insisting that Frisk isn’t nonbinary tho

Like for example lets take the protagonist of my favorite game of all time: Chell, from Portal

She is a character whom the player can project upon. Literally nothing about her is known, she doesn’t speak a single line of dialogue, and very little is implied about her backstory. All that’s known about her, for the most part, is that she’s a woman named Chell

And the player ACCEPTS that she’s a woman without question! The only characters she interacts with always refer to her by she/her pronouns, so she’s obviously a woman, right? Even though she’s a projection for the player, no one doubts that she is a woman

Well the same could be said for Frisk. All we really know about them is that their name is Frisk and that they’re referred to by they/them pronouns.

So why is it that when we have a nonbinary character, suddenly it’s ‘up to interpretation’ and ‘whatever gender you imagine them having’?

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A trip down sensory lane.

Filmmakers take note- This five second scene not only fully describes a characters backstory, but the entire reason he acts the way he acts through the film, taking him from a villain to a sympathetic character and justifying a total reversal of his actions in the present. In five seconds, this movie does for the development of a character more than most movies do in two hours. This is why you should be studying Disney and Pixar along with Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick, and ignoring professors and elitist students who deride them as “kids stuff.”

wasn’t there a theory that Anton’s childhood cottage is the cottage Remy learned his craft from eavesdropping inside before travelling to Paris, and the recipe he’s tasting really is his mother’s ratatouille?



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the real four dnd archetypes



1) beautifully constructed, thoughtfully named, you’ve had this character for five years, and it is only now that you have a medium to express them through. twenty pages of backstory and lore, you probably lovingly crafted a costume or a token to fully bring them to life.

2) it’s you, but you’re now a warlock or a paladin or some shit.

3) Its Joke (ex. Boo Boo the Chaotic Good Barbarian, Dio Brando but as a dryad, etc.)

4) Real Ass People (ex. Hatsune Miku, Barack Obama, Hulk Hogan, etc.)

the archetypes of people who reblog this

1) trying to add a fifth archetype to this list as if i am the catholic church and you are but martin luther attempting to create reform by tacking your additions to my dogmatic truth

2) people who have managed to equate this to the adventure zone, a podcast i have never listened to

3) people who are actually using this as a metric for their own character

4) dryad dio

5) hatsune miku real

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