I kinda think your opinion is justified since I’ve always found the staggeringly amalgamtion of constant AU’s is a bit, bothersome. Dunno who to blame but it is what it is. Though, I’d like to fire shots on one headcannon that is ‘flowey is always evil blah blah blah etc’ and it’s kinda dumb to have the character potential wasted on a token trope.

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Yeah, I get what you mean, Flowey is a lot more complex of a character that people really seem to acknowledge. Yeah he’s a bad person, but he wasn’t a bad person initially, and the only reason he became evil in the first place was out of morbid curiosity and wanting to be able to feel something again. At the end of the true pacifist he really seems to have changed his heart, and it’s HIM who stands there when you reboot the game after a true pacifist, encouraging you to let the other characters be happy. He’s not entirely evil, yes he’s done bad things but he’s mostly just a sad and scared little kid who’s been given the powers of god and a HUGE messiah complex.

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In regards to that ask about liking Flowey better, I kind of agree that Flowey’s more interesting, but ultimately Asriel would be happier in his original form than as a flower. So if he had the chance to keep his original body without ill effects I’d say it’s the better option just on a moral value alone.


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something else that bothers me about sans is like… you want a character that likes science? or struggles with depression? people use sans for that a lot but like, alphys is Right There

I hate when people say that Sans is somehow more depressed than Alphys when in 3 (I think 3? One where you kill Undyne, Kill Mettaton or Both) of the neutral endings, It’s implied that Alphys actually takes her own life.

They’re both sad yeah, but acting as if Sans is the ONLY depressed character in the game and completely ignoring Alphys (even though her entire character arc is her learning how to cope with her mistakes and depression) is dumb


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