transgayshou:its been said but like. yeah. the reason teru needs to be validated so much on his…


its been said but like. yeah. the reason teru needs to be validated so much on his powers making him special is he’s placed literally all his self worth on it. mob doesn’t see him as special for having powers. mob just sees teru as another person and who even is he without powers? who would like him and care about him without his psychic powers?

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jellyana: “what’s wrong? if you’re ever worried about anything…


“what’s wrong? if you’re ever worried about anything come to me about it!”

“okay! i’m fine. thank you.”

in reality…i wanted to consult nii-san about my troubles


i dont remember which post it was that originally wrote on it, but now its confirmed that the reason why ritsu coddles and constantly asks mob about how he’s doing is because he desperately wants his brother to do the same. but mob was never perceptive enough to do so. ritsu is a really lonely kid who wants to love and appreciate his older brother but he’s also completely terrified of him. ritsu is the star student, the good sibling, so he needs to keep up appearances and constantly be level-headed because no one else will be. but all he wants is to be a kid, for it to be ok to be scared, to have an older brother who can protect him and mentor him. ritsu is still the baby brother who has been forced to grow up before he was ready for it. 

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longpost: why recognizing the nonbinary rep in undertale for what it is is important, and why people get upset when you don’t


hey guys! this ship has already sailed…and sunk…several times already, but there’s something that’s still incredibly important to me that i feel the need to address in a genuine, comprehensive matter.

this is going to be a post talking about why it’s important to recognize frisk from undertale as nonbinary, and not just in canon, but in fan material as well, and why people tend to get so angry when frisk is gendered unnecessarily. if you’ve ever seen posts like this before and thought “this isn’t that important, it’s just a video game, it’s not even real, why do other people’s headcanons matter so much?” then this post is for you.

if you care at all about trans people – hell, about people at all – and you’re unsure about the matter or currently someone who genders frisk, i am begging on my hands and knees for you to read this post. no anger, no defensiveness. just listen to what i have to say. i’m not going into your inbox and yelling at you; i’m simply explaining why this is something that matters to so many people so much.

as a disclaimer: frisk isn’t the only nonbinary character in the game who frequently gets misgendered, but i’m only going to be referring to frisk here for brevity’s sake; this post is already long enough as it is!

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grizandnorm: Tuesday Tips – Cape It Simple! I don’t need to add…


Tuesday Tips – Cape It Simple!

I don’t need to add too much explanation today. A cape, cloak or long coat simplifies the silhouette of most character, gives them a unique look or presence and conceals a lot of the overall anatomy. Keep track of the character underneath to know where to fold, drop or stretch the fabric. The fabric itself should play a role too. Different behave differently. Movement and gravity are key to “ground” your character in the environment and make it look believable.
-Norm @grizandnorm #capeitsimple #100tuesdaytipsbook #100tuesdaytips #arttutorial #arttips

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hey, what does quioromantic mean? i’ve never heard that orientation before. (also, love your art and that no mercy song. it’s been stuck in my head for a while)

aa thank you so much!! tl;dr version, quioromantic means the difficulty or inability to distinguish the difference between platonic and romantic love. it’s also shorthanded to wtfromantic for this reason

slightly less tl;dr version to draw on my own experiences as an example, sometimes when i would make new friends i would find myself thinking about them a lot, wanting to spend as much time with them as possible and always wanting to talk with them, etc. it would become a struggle of “do i just really like this person as a friend and want to be around them because  they’re interesting and we have shared interests, or do i have a crush on them? what’s the line between those feelings in the first place?”

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