For anyone who has a dissociative disorder/frequently deals with derealization: check to make sure your lightbulbs aren’t fluorescent.


They’re a common trigger for derealization, so if you can control the lighting in your environment it may dramatically help your symptoms! 

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If you are considering meeting up with someone online use this trick identify who really are who they claim to be:

1. Ask them to Skype
2. If they refuse or can’t for some reason ask for a current selfie
3. If they also refuse or can’t do not meet up with them
4. If they provide one ask them to send another with them holding 3 fingers up
5. If they refuse read step 3
6. If they provide a selfie where they show 3 fingers they are probably for real

(If you’re still unconvinced try again with them drawing something in their hand)

please spread this message as more and more young people are lured out into situations where they get kidnapped because they weren’t 100% sure the person they were talking to was real.


“My [fill in trusted adult here] wants to come too. [pronoun] said we can do our own thing and [pronoun] will just sort of grab [pronoun] own table, but I wanted to let you know. Hey, if you have an adult coming too they could sit together!”

If hearing this freaks the other person out and they decline, TERMINATE ALL CONTACT. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to block. I’m 26 years old and if you tell me you’re coming with a friend or parent for your own safety, I will automatically say “hey, cool. Y’know, if you’re nervous we can just do Starbucks or something, I’m okay meeting in a busy place. That way your [adult/friend] can hang out, too, and they don’t have to pay for [admission, a movie ticket, whatever].” Your safety and comfort is important to me, and is important to any good person you meet online who wants to meet up IRL. In the early 2000s when I first started seeing online safety PSAs, this was a widely-spread tip. Use it.

And for the record, you can use this over the age of 18, too. I still won’t meet people from online except in public places. You never know–that person holding up three fingers and drawing a Pokemon on their palm could be some pervert’s child, niece, nephew, family friend’s kid who was encouraged to take some silly pictures. Always voice-verify and always meet in public, with another person if possible. 

Be smart and stay safe, kiddos. Nina loves you.

This is all so important for everyone and especially my younger followers.

Anyone who is being upfront with who they are and who you can trust will do whatever they need to do to make you and your parents/guardians comfortable. Hence why I am constantly requesting to too-busy-dancing13 to FaceTime her mom…

Please please please listen to this. Not everyone out there can be trusted.


Take care of yourselves, my friends

And don’t just use three finger selfies that’s used a lot. Mix it up ask for the person holding a fork or a paper with a certain word written on it. Stay safe ppl

Another important one I feel the need to mention cause it wasn’t covered; If you’re under 18 as well and the person advises against you talking about them to their parents or guardians, get the fuck out of there. They’ll try and convince you otherwise, but trust me; anyone who is against you telling your parents about them is bad fucking news.

These are all such important tips! Every time that this shows up on my dash, I reblog it because everyone should stay safe!!

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Tumblr’s violating your privacy by default again


Hey guys, a quick note. Tumblr just added a ‘feature’ that shows if you’re online or not. The only place I see it is in the messenger, though it might be elsewhere. It’s showing a friend as online even though they just have a tumblr tab open that they haven’t looked at in hours. It also shows how long ago they were active. I don’t know how it interacts with the app.

I have a few problems with this:

  • I personally don’t like the feeling of being stalked
  • People could actually stalk you
  • Person A could get mad at Person B because it said Person B was online but they weren’t (and thus didn’t respond) – or just wasn’t up to talking
  • Person X could message Person Y and get anxious when person Y doesn’t respond, since it says they’re online

I found the place to turn it off in account settings. There’s a section called “Availability” where you can toggle off the functionality.


Safe browsing, folks. 

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If someone treats you like you are unimportant, it is a reflection of them and what they value out of relationships. It is not a reflection of you or your worth as person. You don’t have to prove your importance to other people.

I needed to see this

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thatadhdfeel: tadhdfw my (adhd) friend is out of medicine and asks if i have adderall: “oh my god…


tadhdfw my (adhd) friend is out of medicine and asks if i have adderall: “oh my god yes poor thing here ive got some extra” (dumps out a pile) “LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED MORE I KNOW HOW BAD U FEEL

when someone without adhd asks for adderall: “for $500 i might consider it & also fuck you”

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do waitresses know that i love them and appreciate everything they do

i had the nicest waitress today who told me my outfit was cute and i wish i was rich cuz I would’ve tipped her so much more if I could

If you ever actually wanna help your waitress out, ask to speak to their manager before you leave and then tell the manager how awesome they are.

Trust me, it makes a difference. Servers who get compliments from guests and customers get better hours, and the more you’re liked by the people who come in the more forgiving the bosses are when shit goes awry (say if you’re sick or you have a flat so you’re late, etc).

Tell the manager. Do it! Aside from tipping it’s one of the best things you can do for us. Tell the manager you thought we were great. Tell the manager that we’re the reason you’re gonna come back. Talk us up! It’s a little like job security – if you tell the manager we’re the reason you’re here, they’re gonna be a lot more reluctant to let us go because then they’re losing your business, and they don’t want that. 

this is good advice, thank you 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Do this for all service jobs!! If you got good service, tell a manager or fill out a service survey if you’re given one (most retail chains do this). Managers can’t be everywhere and see every good interaction, so boost people up when they’ve done a great job.

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