Some things to remember about Flowey’s character:


🌼He flips out about the idea of you no longer wanting to play with him at the end of the pacifist route.
🌼He handles his defeat as Omega Flowey by way of a full-on NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT STOP IT temper tantrum.
🌼In general he’s pretty temperamental as you can reduce him to a smaller tantrum by not falling for his masterful friendliness pellet ruse within a minute or two of starting the game.
🌼It’s really just love and compassion that he seems unable to properly feel. There are moments where he expresses positive emotions or reactions, such as being happy and excited to see Chara in the genocide route, mentioning how Papyrus was entertaining for a long while, and admitting that it’s fun to fight with you as Omega Flowey in some of his post-game over dialogue.
🌼He seems to think that Toriel forgot about him and replaced him with all the other kids she’s been caring for over the years.
🌼The only time he kills Asgore (and not just attacks his soul) in a neutral route is right after Asgore offers to adopt Frisk, get back with Toriel, and be like a family—replacing him all over again.
🌼His consistent reaction to gaining the immense power human souls (or the equivalent) provide is to immediately become one of his shitty self-insert OCs, one of which is basically just Sonic.exe if he got to play the role of Sonic.
🌼He cries at some point in every single route (assuming you choose to spare him in the neutral one).
🌼By the end of the pacifist route, he pleas for you to allow everyone to enjoy their lives on the surface, asking you to let Frisk be happy and generally doing a complete 180 in demeanor from when we first meet him in the ruins.
🌼The worst swear he says in the entire game is “hell”, which he only says when extremely mad, requiring you to be all set for the pacifist route only to decide on killing Asgore at the last second. In comparison, his mom—sweet old goatmom Toriel—casually lets the word fly right in front of Frisk, and you don’t need to do anything special to prompt it.
🌼When speaking to Chara in the genocide route, after discussing how he’s been thinking about how to use the power of the human souls, he is quick to back down and say that if Chara is with him, simply living on the surface sounds perfectly nice.
🌼He is Asriel, and his actions as Flowey all are rooted in his experiences and trauma as Asriel.

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