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i’ve been thinking about what alt genocide route papyrus fight where he fights you instead of sans would ACTUALLY be like after spending a lot of time scrolling through @papyrus-knows and i’ve had some ideas bear with me here for a sec.

as always, even after killing basically everyone in the underground including sans, it wouldn’t be easy for papyrus to change his views on mercy and sparing anyone and believing they can change. however, he would realize that just sparing you from the beginning won’t work. instead, he’d attack you until he brought you down to 1HP then do the same thing as pacifist and neutral routes: lock you up, though not in his shed since you’d get out of that.

papyrus WAS going easy on you in the pacifist and neutral routes; he attacks specifically to get you to a low hp and then capture you, (which is a sharp contrast to how every other monster excepting toriel actively tries to kill you). in a genocide fight, going easy wouldn’t be an option, but he still wouldn’t be trying to kill you. you get a small glimpse of his ability to be a little harder on you with the “normal attack” right after his attempt to use his special attack (an attack that, btw, we never see. it’s probably a really cool attack tbh)

i like the idea that he’d always give you the option to spare him throughout the fight, but never lowers his defense so as to let you one hit kill him. in an action similar to but different from sans’ “spare” the bone wall would go up but would bring you down to one and then you’d wake up captured.

there is proof that papyrus can possibly increase his defense considering that the lower his hp gets in a normal fight the higher his defense gets, so in a theoretical genocide fight his defense would be insanely high from the outset because papyrus knows you’re dangerous. all your attacks only deal one, and he has a high hp in the first place so the genocide fight would be similarly annoyingly difficult to the sans fight.

possibly, a genocide route pap fight could include a new battle dynamic: constantly changing physics meant to surprise you into attacks. unlike sans who only changes the direction gravity goes to push you into bones, papyrus puts you through whole sections where the controls are sideways or upside-down, or sections where the controls are backwards (my least favorite thing in games!)

there is also some evidence papyrus is not aware of the resets but remembers things from past timelines that he experiences in nightmares. so in a gen pap fight things you’ve gotten used to are just slightly off from usual that can trip you up.

in the act section you can taunt him with sans’ death (this brings down his defense a little for that turn, but this only works a couple times) or tell him he’s an idiot for his world view (he’s heard this many times, and this doesn’t shake him at all). his check is different then normal gen route. instead of “forgettable” it states “the easiest enemy. even now he won’t kill you. idiot.” the atk and def read the same, but the def stat is wrong and his atk is changeable according to how pap chooses it to be so CHECK tells you basically nothing. he has amazing control over how much damage he does.

he also HAS gaster blasters, they’re a different shape as sans’ but basically the same, but he doesn’t use them until later into the fight, and seems nervous to use them if you’re low on health (presumably he has less control over the damage they do)

been a while Folks and most of what i said i still hold to! but i’ve decided to add to this

with some thinking i’ve realized that i never stipulated what would make the battle end since it would be near impossible to kill him with attacks doing basically nothing, but zarla-s had an idea a while back about that and i really like it so. probably a loss of will to fight is what ends it, your attack one hit kills him.

also i didn’t mention: when he beats you (but doesn’t kill you) you’re put BACK IN SNOWDIN, and the boat person is nowhere to be seen, so papyrus is kind of pushing you to reset by making it obnoxiously hard to get back and fight him.

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