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the dialogue in over the garden wall is so good like the exchanges between characters follow such a rhythm that wirt & other characters’ lapses into poetry & song don’t feel out of place

small exchanges between characters, especially towards the beginning, often have distinct rhythm & rhymes that in context feel completely natural

My name's Greg. What's yours?
My brother's name is Wirt.
Who cares?
And my frog's name's Wirt jr., 
but that may change.
Okay, that's great.
How about you and I 
ditch your brother?
Hmm. Maybe later.

these patterns are only really absent in the episode “into the unknown”, which is part of what gives it such a different feeling than the rest of the show

i’m rewatching otgw with this in mind & its so cool bc its not only the dialogue, its the animation, too. if you tap out a rhythm, usually 60-70bpm, you can predict exactly when characters will make gestures, when the camera angle will change, or when someone new will speak, even if its muted in most of the episodes

it doesnt usually match the music & sometimes the beat changes for plot reasons – like in babes in the wood wirt’s animation is a jarring 10 bpm slower than everyone elses in the beginning & 10 beats faster than theirs after he wakes up. maybe this is a more common thing than i remember in animation but i think it adds a lot to this show

On the dvd commentary pat mchale says something that really stuck with me about how the unknown as wirt sees it (and as we see it) is built to be comfortable for him. He gets scared, but he’s so much more comfortable there than he is at home, with all the architecture he reads about and everything being so poetic and old fashioned.

I wonder if this is something done intentionally for that reason? Wirt is a poet, and does spoken word poetry often, in a place made to be comfortable for him, a sense of rhythm and fluidity when people talk or move would make a lot of sense, it would be really calming for him and the lack of such in ep 9 adds to the chaos he feels in his regular life. It’s something I’ve noticed before too, and I’ve noticed how easily he slots into conversations in the unknown compared to in episode 9. It’s very possible that’s how wirt thinks, and therefore that’s just how the unknown is.

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