everyone-needs-a-hoopoe: keitheaverage: Fandom culture’s gotten so weird in the past couple…



Fandom culture’s gotten so weird in the past couple months. Like, just in 2017 we’ve had:

  • a fanartist getting fed cookies with needles in ‘em bc they shipped something that another person didn’t agree with
  • in an attempt to make that show’s fandom look bad,  a troll allegedly made fake screenshots of a twitter convo that has a shipper blackmailing an animation studio with leaks unless said studio made a ship from that show canon

  • an LGBT+-friendly game made by LGBT+ people, being out for barely a week and people are already receiving death threats and others are giving out false info about the game bc some people aren’t into the people who produced it

Seriously, are y’all okay?? Like, I know people are entitled to their opinions about ships and stuff, and sometimes making your voice heard about problems in works of fiction can lead to positive change in some aspects, but like???? honestly??? if you think hating on ships/making your ship canon or w/e is worth someone’s health/safety/job, you really need to rethink your priorities. 

a reminder that that first one was a paedophilic ship. that still doesn’t make the needles thing right in any way – it was horrific, and we need to have moderation in our reactions to gross things in media, and they are never an excuse to cause someone physical harm – but it wasn’t just a petty disagreement. it was something genuinely harmful.

also, for the last thing, yes there was a huge overreaction to ddadds, but the game grumps are racist and transphobic and etc etc etc. people have every right to hate them and be wary of things they promote. the issue came from people assuming they had more influence than they did over it, and forgetting that most of the production team was lgbt, and taking that scrapped ending as canon. and then, yknow, sending death threats, which is never okay.

the takeaway from this is that these things have two sides. calling out gross things in fandom and in media is important, but we also need to be careful about how we do it. not everything is just a petty squabble, but not everything warrants extreme backlash either.

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2foTc0b


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