SO I’m doing a palette thing!



(I know this is hard to read, sorry! From top left corner, it says- 1: Beach Bums, 2. Deep in the Woods, 3. Good Old Days, 4. Cotton Candy, 5. Fanciest Dresses, 6. Fire and Ice, 7. Summertime Christmas, 8. Rubies and Sapphires, 9. Sunken Treasure, 10. Blazing Forest, 11. Venomous Dreams, 12. Sunfall.)


These are a bunch of my characters, that I can do the palette stuffs with. (I’ll add more later) If it’s hard to see, I can get better pictures, just ask! (Some of these are kinda spoilers for my future Portal comic. Sorry!)

  Also, some of the characters are in the same panels because they are sort of tied together. You can ask for one or both of them, if you want.


Here’s some I did already, for examples! And also just because I wanted to.

Aascan in Fire and Ice, Baytur in Deep in the Woods, Dell (He’s not on the character sheet yet.) in Good old Days.

  If anyone’s not sure how this works, in an ask, send a palette and a character, and I’ll draw it!

from Tumblr


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