You could probably use that hands to buttons thing as a metaphor for Frisk and Chara. Frisk, whose dominant hand is closest to the fight button, goes out of the way to give mercy to everyone in pacifist routes or resorts to the quick and easily reached fight button in genocide routes. Chara, whose dominant hand is unknown is also practically a total unknown, and could be the stereotypical evil depiction or just as nice as pasi-Frisk, or anything in between.

((that thing about frisk is REALLY cool, but i don’t think i’d call chara an unknown! there’s plenty of evidence as to their personality once you know where to look for it. i used to think they were evil canevil mcdeevil like everyone else, but over the past two years all the evidence i’ve read on them and dug out myself points towards them being a really, really sweet kid. like, way softer than even i write them.

not that i’m gonna change how i write them since i’ve been writing this for a year and roleplaying them even longer and, to put it eloquently, heck that, but i definitely think they and frisk have canonical personalities and neither of them are wholly up for interpretation, just like everyone else in the game.))

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