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in the morning

stomach: hey we’re starving and dehydrated

me: Eats and Drinks

stomach: whta the fuck??? hwat the Hell andfuck

Hey I’m seeing tons of posts like this and as a person w chronic stomach issues, it’s because you’re overloading your system and not allowing your metabolism the chance to ‘wake up’.

Your body is hungry and thirsty, but drinking cold or hot beverages, and eating things saturated with heavy fats and carbs as soon as you wake up will ALWAYS make you sick.

Drinking room temperature (disgusting) water, OR mildly cool water (just cool to the fingers) first thing will prevent this. My fave thing to do is freeze a few lemon slices and throw them in a glass of room temp water, then drink it. It isn’t as severe as ice water or hot drinks. The lemon also helps your metabolism and makes the water not super gross. When you drink cold or hot bevs, you’re shocking your stomach since it’s (probably) almost entirely empty. It irritates the mucous membranes and can cause inflammation of the acid pumps.

Also you need to eat something small first. Like if you’re going to have toast and eggs, eat half a piece of toast and try to sit for like 5 minutes before continuing to eat the rest of your meal. Every time I instantly start eating full meals, I get very sick and nauseous. I used to keep a sleeve of crackers in my night stand drawer, and I’d eat 2-3 and drink a class of cool water right when I woke up. That way, by the time I was awake/dressed/made my full breakfast, my stomach was ready to eat. A spoon full of peanut butter is also a great choice.

If you’re still feeling sick after eating, keeping peppermints or peppermint gum (they gotta be peppermint) on hand is an easy way to settle the stomach. Ginger tea too. I try to avoid soda in the mornings now, but when I was in high school my breakfast was a can of ginger ale and a blueberry cliff bar almost every day because it didn’t hurt my stomach.

So if you’re feeling a bit sick, try taking it a bit slower. I know we’re all strapped for time and this seems like a lot, but even just switching to a milder temperature drink in the morning can help a lot.

Thank you! People really should be eating the most important meal of the day!

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