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Don’t tell me this is real.

it actually is. as someone who dedicated his entire life to making family oriented films for many generations of children filled with magic, love, fantasy, and innocence. of course he’s disgusted with how otaku culture has heavily influenced most, if not all anime.


this is why part of me hates that the “anime was a mistake” quote was memed. Miyazaki genuinely felt that way and deeply regrets his contributions to popularizing anime especially in the west

Anime has helped contribute to all kinds of disgusting shit not limited to the sexualizing of children ( yes you racist dipshits japan isn’t all about child sexualization the age of consent laws are to protect minors in relationships with other minors ) sexualizing of incest, abuse, abusive power dynamics, it’s given racist and nationalist mangaka a platform to spew their garbage and has completely bombed Japanese culture in appropriation.

fun fact? the number of sexual assaults and other horrendous acts that happen to Japanese girls and boys? Done by white tourists with self proclaimed “yellow fever” looking for their “waifus” and shit.

yes yall, the Walt Disney of anime kinda hates it, and with good reason

from Tumblr


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