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the fic with the troll blood color oxygen-carrying-chemical thing renewed my interest in it

i remember CC having a thing on it that was similar; not sure if she said her theory was they have RGB blood or CMYK blood

but it got me thinking regardless

see, the troll hemospectrum as we know it is…weird. like not even in a “lets evaluate the social structure that would cause” way. its weird in a color spacing way.

like red, orange/brown, and yellow are only 3/12 slots. but there are 3 slots just for greens too.

normally if you’re doing a color wheel you space shit out evenly, but even that gets complicated depending on which color wheel you use.

most colors wheels look something like this:

looked at this way its like each main color (ROYGBIV) has got two shades on the wheel: two “red” colors, two “orange” colors, two “yellow” colors, two “green” colors, two “blue” colors, two “purple” colors. in this case indigo and violet get merged.

but thats not what the troll hemospectrum looks like

so what’s going on?

well if we look at both the RGB and CMYK wheels we get a little closer:

the RGB and CMYK wheels are basically two ways to arrive at the same thing but from different directions. so what if we applied that to trolls’s blood color?

what if they don’t have RGB or CMYK blood, but what is effectivly both?

we’d need the tertiaries again but when you add them in you get this:

red, orange/brown, yellow, three flavors of green, a teal analog, a cerulean analog, blue, indigo/purple, purple/violet, and fushia


but wait, what about this motherfucker?

he’s got black blood, an uncomfortable resemblance to imperial drones, and troll-like horns

so even if trolls only have one or the other set of blood, it’d HAVE to be CMYK to account for the black blood of His Honorable Tyranny 

but then why are lusii always white?

 including a Mother Grub, one of the progenitors of troll-kind?

what if the reason these vastly different species all serve as guardians of young trolls is because they share a common biological trait, one they are not born with?

what if there is a yet unknown subset of the troll species, one with white blood, who act as parasites to the native fauna of worlds trolls inhabit and turn them from regular animals to caregivers for the young of another species. ones with blood to match their future charges. ones who cause a loss of all other pigmentation.

THIS is why i think the trolls have both CMYK and RGB blood. because thats the only color wheel i know of that will get you everything we see about trolls.

from Tumblr


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